1. Know clearly about the speaking test:

IELTS Speaking test assesses your speaking skill. If you would like to achieve high band score in this test, you must make sure that you know clearly about this test such as what is IELTS speaking test? How long does it last? How many assessment criteria are there? What kind of questions are in each part of the test? It would be recommended that you should start at IELTS speaking assessment criteria and IELTS speaking public band descriptors, which helps you have crucial information about this test. You can take a look at them HERE.

  1. Do not remember the answer:

As a matter of fact, candidates have to prepare for many topics which are in the test. However, remembering or learning by heart is not an effective way to achieve high band score. Moreover, its high risk because you can forget the answers at any time, which makes your speeches unnatural. Absolutely, the examiners can notice this because they are trained to spot this and will change the question. In contrast, instead of memorizing the answer, you should learn how to answer each type of question, new vocabulary and apply them into your real context. In addition, its time for you to prepare for the life when you move abroad.

  1. Listening is the best way to improve your speaking:

It sounds weird, right? Common sense shows that to improve speaking skill, people should speak as much as they can. But how can you speak well when in your mind there is not enough input such as sentences, vocabulary or pronunciation used by natives? However, listening can help you with these matters. Listening enhances not only your listening skill but also your speaking skill. Listening whatever you want and take note vocabulary, phrasal verb or sentence which native speakers use and apply into your own contexts. Then the way you speak will be natural.

  1. Recording when you practice at home:

By this way, you can listen to your speech again and again. So its time for you to point out some mistakes and correct them by yourself or your teachers. Additionally, you can see your progress day by day by comparing your own records, which motives you a lot to keep learning to achieve your goal in IELTS Test.




  1. Be confident

Many candidates often worry and cannot keep calm before the test, which makes their performance less professional. So when you feel really nervous, just taking a deep breath and stopping thinking about the test. You can also make a good impression by wearing suitable clothes.

  1. Be on time

You should choose the best time which is convenient for you. If you are energetic in the morning, it is better to pick a time in the morning. Be on time, relax your mind in the waiting room. A small tip that may useful to you is considering examiner as a native friend.



  1. Be fluent

Fluent factor plays a key role in IELTS Speaking assessment criteria. Trying to talk as fluently as possible and be spontaneous. When people feel nervous, they tend to speak faster, which make you lose some points.  You should speak in normal speech. Moreover, do not try to use difficult vocabulary or focus on grammar that effect on your fluency. In contrast, making long pauses is also not good.

  1. Ask the question again if you are not clear.

Due to many reasons, you may not hear clearly or understand the questions. Never mind or hesitate to ask the examiner again. If you understand the question in the wrong way, you will answer in the wrong way as well and this is the big mistake. In case you want to clarify something, you will not lose points for asking the examiner. Remember this!

  1. Try to talk as much as you can

Try to speak at least more than the examiner. If you are asked a question using one sentence, respond with two or more. And never give short, uncommunicative replies. In order to be good at this point, you should practice how to extend your speech. After giving your answer, you should add some more support sentences to interpret by explaining or giving example.

  1. You can make up the answer

You will be assessed on your ability to communicate so if you don’t know the answer, do not panic. Keep calm and express your opinions. It does not a matter if you tell lie (just not recommend).

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