IELTS Listening Tips

The best IELTS Listening tips and tricks to get a high score on IELTS Listening. You can find here all the essential tips you need to succeed in IELTS Listening. British India Academy. The No.1 IELTS | PTE | Coaching Center in Kerala.

IELTS Listening Test Pattern 2020

In this article, we are going to discuss the IELTS Listening test pattern 2020 in detail. The IELTS Listening test is 40 minutes long and is a common test for both the…

Changes to the paper-based Listening test from January 2020

IELTS Listening Test Pattern 2020 IELTS Listening Test Coaching in Kochi and Ernakulam From January 2020 some small changes are being introduced to the instructions and layout of the paper-based…

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