Resources to Help you Prepare for the IELTS Test

Learn everything there is to know about the IELTS test in India. These articles cover general IELTS information, taking the IELTS, practicing for IELTS and its structure, and how and where you can register for IELTS in India.

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IELTS Test Guide Glossary

Writing on the IELTS– Task 1- A Complete Guide

Whether you are preparing for the general IELTS or the academic IELTS, in this article, you will find EVERYTHING you need to know regarding the writing portion, task 1.

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What is the IELTS?

So, you have been working hard on your English and now is the time to show what you’ve got. You can choose between the top two tests for English proficiency- the TOEFL, or the IELTS- The International English Language Testing System. If you’ve decided to go with the IELTS, the decisions don’t stop there- you will need to determine which of the two test options suit you best. The choice is between an academic test, or a general training test.

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