Mathew. D. Paramunda

Lead Instructor: Royal L. Garff Presidential Chair in Marketing, Marketing Department, Department of Marketing Presidential Professor, Marketing Department, University of Utah
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MATHEW D. PARAMUNDA, a compassionate human being with original ideas, has developed a complete system to lead a person to a higher state of consciousness, to a state of action and to a state of bliss He has created least effort techniques or a process called mind neutralization. During intense stress and depression, we should switch off thinking at will , in a split second, in the twinkling of an eye and keep the mind blank.


About Teaching

As a mystic, he sees one in all and all in one. He believes in the Indian teaching that the whole world is a family. He is a Post Graduate in English Language and Literature from the University college Trivandrum. Has done B Ed. He has got a Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations. With enormous interest he has studied Meditation, Counseling, Eastern & Western Philosophy. Supplementing and surpassing existing ideas, he has got many original ideas like static illumination, principle of the essential completion of being, emptiness, silence, mind neutralization, action should emanate from quality from energy and not from consciousness and will. His view is that man is a pre liberated being. Liberation and peace is not something yet to be achieved, but yet to be recognized. If you are not happy and peaceful now, you can never be happy. For the past moment and the next moment does not exist. He has got very simple ideas and very abstract ideas. For instance, look at this idea. Liberated from the bondage of experience, the experiencer or the subject, the pure counsciousness is left fully awake, in full awareness of itself, its own self sufficiency and bliss without experiencing any object. He has been working as an English teacher for a long time. Has taught in the Ministry of Education as a teacher of English in Bhutan, Ministry of Education in Oman , Ministry of Education in Maldives, in Brunei and India. He has worked in Don Bosco New Delhi and TOC H KOCHI. Now he has been working as a motivational trainer. As an expert in meditation, he trains people as to how to manage tension, stress and depression. Through a three pronged strategy, through insights, meditation and auto suggestion techniques, a person is enabled to enter a higher state of consciousness, to a state of peace, joy and tranquility. Each moment be happy. Each moment, you act. MILLENNIUM INSIGHTS gives the best insights to overcome depression and to lead a happy, peaceful and affluent life. He has written the book MILLENNIUM INSIGHTS , WAY TO PEACE, BLISS&AFFLUENCE, to be published. It is a combination of 10 insights, 65 meditation and 61 auto suggestions.

Business 85%
Management 93%
Language 90%
Administration 80%

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    He is a brilliant teacher

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